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We all lead busy lives. Between work and family, there's not a lot of time to get the other important things done. Over two thirds of home loans are introduced by brokers. and there are good reasons for it. 

  • Best Interest Duty - We are legally obliged to act in your best interest... It's legislated! This legislation doesn't extend to banks, only brokers.

  • Save you time - After our initial conversation, our extensive knowledge of our vast panel of lenders means it won't take us long to give you some recommendations, saving you hours and hours of research.

  • Keep your credit score intact - We will never submit a loan on your behalf if we don't think it will be approved. We see clients that have been declined by multiple lenders before coming to us, and this hurts your credit score, making it more difficult each time to get approved. 

  • Free credit reports - As part of the loan process we supply you with your own credit reports. We like to see what the lender will see before we submit an application, as there are some lenders that like a clean report, and others that are more forgiving.

  • Planning ahead - We can assist even if you aren't quite ready to purchase yet, but want a plan of attack and direction for purchasing in the near future.

  • Your Broker for Life - That's our motto... Not only do we assist you in achieving your financial goals, but we're here long after to make sure your rate remains competitive throughout the life of the loan, and for any other financial need that life throws your way...

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