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We know you're busy, so we've tailored our processes to try and minimise the amount of work required by you to obtain finance. We do however still need to comply with Responsible Lending obligations, so we can never eliminate the paperwork required altogether. 

We are close to 100% paperless (where lenders allow it), and you get secure access to our portal to upload documents and enter in your personal and financial information.

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Step 1 - Discovery / Fact Find

Firstly we will have a conversation around your goals and needs, what your priorities are, and any deadlines you may have. This can be as simple as a 5 minute phone call, a 30 minute zoom, or an hour long meeting face to face - the choice is yours. You can find different options for discussing your scenario on our contact us page, or at the top of this website.


Step 2 - Information Collection

Once we've had our initial discovery session, we will then have a good idea of what documents we require and send you a link to our secure, password protected and encrypted online portal. Documents such as payslips or tax returns, identification etc. can all be uploaded via your phone camera or PC. Your personal and financial information is also inputted in this way, and your session can be saved and returned to, so it can be done in your own time.


Step 3 - Research

By this stage, we should have enough information to start our research in order to make a lender comparison and recommendation. The length of time it takes will vary depending on market conditions, and how complex (or simple) your scenario is.


Step 4 - Recommendation

Once we have concluded our research, we'll send you our comparison. This usually consists of at least three lenders that we have shortlisted, based on your goals and priorities, and we will explain why we have shortlisted those particular lenders. We will never direct you to go to a particular lender, however we will most certainly advise you which of those lenders we recommend you go with for your best interests.


Step 5 - Application

Once we have nailed down a lender, we should have most of the information required to make an application for finance (or pre-approval for home purchases). Approval times vary dramatically between lenders, from 1 day to 14+ days, so this will be considered in the recommendation stage if there are important timeframes to work towards. We will advise you when your application is successful, and organise loan documents to be signed.


Settlement and Beyond

Once your finance has settled, we don't just disappear into the sunset. One of the great things about using us, is that we keep an eye on your loan after settlement. We can review your loan every 12 months to ensure the rate is kept in line with what your lender is offering new customers  and if not (what we call rate creep), we will negotiate on your behalf. If your lender doesn't come to the party, we will suggest other options for you.

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